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The role of the Royal Marines Association (RMA) is to maintain and promote esprit de corps and comradeship amongst all Royal Marines and their families, past and present. The RMA is established in Branches all over the country and overseas to keep members in touch with one another. The RMA is an integral part of the “Corps Family”.

 RM shop

The trading arm of the Royal Marines Association that was created and is run and staffed by injured/ill Royal Marines with the purpose of providing them transitional training whilst raising funds for the Royal Marines causes.  The Royal Marines Shop Ltd is 100% owned by the RMA and is the source of all RMA merchandise and the exclusive range of "Green Lid" sauces. 

The Royal Marines Assocation Concert Band has developed a reputation as the premier veterans' concert band in the UK and includes many former Royals both from the Band Service and the corps at large.

RM Commando The official Ministry of Defence website for the Royal Marines.  This site covers all aspects of the Corps, from recruitment to deployment of the Band Service, Commando or other unit, and the Reserve.
RM Band Service

Royal Marines Bands Online provides a wealth off information on the Band Service and offers their CDs for purchase.


Trauma Risk Management for Veterans offers support to all Royal Marines Veterans using a bespoke adaptation of the current TRiM system. This RMCTF funded project uses trained volunteers from the RMA to enable veterans to access RMA Welfare and a further 850 charities. The T4V Practitioners role is to be the initial responders and ‘Engage – Befriend – Signpost’ troubled veterans.

RM Charitable Trust

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) is the overarching Royal Marines charity and money raised can be used for very wide purposes, probably the widest of any service charity.

The C Group The purpose of the C Group to raise awareness and generate practical support throughout the business community for Royal Marines particularly those who are suffering the long-term effects of injuries sustained on operations.
Chara Foundation The Chara Foundation raises money for service charities by running mass participation sporting events, adventure races, charity balls and dinners, leadership development programmes and team-building activities.
commando999 Commando 999 consists of close to 1000 former Royal Marines who are now either still serving or retired members of the UK Emergency Services. Their mission is to raise funds for the RMCTF in order to support Royal Marines or their families from cradle to grave.
Commando Spirit Commando Spirit offers a series of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to show your courage by experiencing real Royal Marine training alongside a serving or former Royal Marine and raise money for Royal Marines charities.

This site provides opportunities to contact other ex Royal Marines and has a wealth of stories and information.  Once a Marine Always a Marine is a privately run site by an ex Royal Marine.


BootnecksRus is a privately operated site covering current and recent activities of Royal Marines from the perspective of a serving Royal Marines Commando.

SAMA 82 South Atlantic Medal The South Atlantic Medal (1982) is the official name of the medal awarded to almost 30,000 service men and women - and civilians - who took part in the campaign to liberate the Falkland Islands in 1982.
Help Our Wounded

Help Our Wounded brings together the wider Royal Marines family in raising money for the RMCTF. It focuses on individual and community based fund raising using the Facebook social networking site

RM Museum


The Royal Marines Museum, situated on the seafront at Southsea, Portsmouth, celebrates the famous fighting spirit and long history of the Royal Marines.  Immerse yourself in what the Museum has to offer; explore the exhibits, enjoy interactive displays and films, see how the Royal Marines have developed into the world-renowned elite fighting force of today.


Zulu Company, Royal Marines Cadets TS Windsor Castle, Windsor & Eton SCC

TS Windsor Castle, Windsor and Eton Sea Cadets (and Royal Marine Cadet Detachment) has been providing training to the youth of Windsor for over 100 years, this training has been based on the ethos of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines.


The MummaMIA website is a self help support network for Mothers of Marines In Action which encourages caring and sharing between Mums of serving members of the Royal Marines via phone or personal contact.

 40_CdoRM_Assn 40 Commando Association Royal Marines is for all those that served either on the strength of, or with 40 Cdo RM
 national heroes day

Celebrating the heroes of this world by dressing up and raising money (Mufti), Heroes Day was started in memory of Mne Richard Hollington.  In conjunction with Help the Heroes this enables schools to explore the difference between hero and celebrity. Business can join in to.

 adams hoofing hut

Campaign in memory of Mne Adam Brown from Yateley to purchase a beach hut at Mudeford near Christchurch where he spent many childhood holidays.  Adam's Hoofing Hut would provide somewhere that Marines families and friends could use to relax and reflect.


The National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Assocation supports comradeship between those who served in Malaya, Borneo, Singapore and Brunei, whilst strengthening ties with Malaysia, The Republic of Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

 pastarchives Roll of RMA Branches and their websites, worldwide, you are never far from a Royal Marine.